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surrounded by hopelessness, he finds the will to fight

how's my fly-- driving?
and then everyone gives gifts

What do you think? Aang too immature? Not immature enough? Any and all crit is welcome, as long as it is constructive. Flames will be given to Aang to teach him firebending.

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and then everyone gives gifts

001 → video; backdated to about noon
greatest thing EVER
--ey! I remember this! [ Video flicks on as Aang grins down at the communicator, toying with it idly. It's been a while since he's been to...well it was Discedo first, but he doesn't recognize where he is now. ] But we had 'em in Discedo...this doesn't look like that city.

[ finally, he stares straight at it, and the giant red bow on his head (which he's either ignoring or somehow hasn't noticed) can be seen fully. ]

Hey, is this Discedo again? Everything looks different!

ooc: notice
and then everyone gives gifts
Didn't want to spam the OOC, so I'm putting this here.

I've come down with a cold or something, and it's kicking my ass. So tags are going to be slow/non-existent for a while. Sorry about this, since I know I owe a bunch of tags for shuichi and Aang. Urgh.

As a reminder this affects Aang, Mokuba, Shuichi, and Ken.

002 ✘ Voice
and then everyone gives gifts
Uh, guys?

When did I get back here? And why does the city look worse then it did? Is everyone okay?

--and why am I wearing a dress?!

001 ✘ Video
and then everyone gives gifts
[ The communicator is snapped on, just one more face in a crowd of many to arrive in the city that weekend. One might actually somewhat recognize the face looking down at them through the screen, though the face appears softer and rounder than the last time the person was here.

The screen is moved from the person's face, and as they are revealed more a bright blue arrow and yellowish-orange out can be seen.

Sokka always made jokes about Aang being girly, but he probably didn't even expect to see Aang as an actual girl. Ah, well. ]

Sokka? Katara? Toph? What's going on? Where are we?

...You guys?

Toph, this better not be a joke for hiding your arm-bracelet thing! I told you, Sokka hid it, not me!

[ ooc; Aang is being re-intro'd but AU!ed as a girl for the event. |D Girl!Aang has been female his/her entire life here, so it's not just a genderbend. AND TOPH WAS MALE. It's..I blame dA's jinjinbun okay.

ALSO all tags will be answered by
[info]dryairworks . ]

Book o2, Chapter 23 -- [ video ]
and then everyone gives gifts
Zuko, since the blizzards finally calmed down, do you wanna go to one of the warehouses to train? [ Someone wants to get back to training so he can be ready if more stuff happens. 8| ] Minato, you can come too!

Also, does anyone have scissors or a razor or anything? My hair is getting long again.. [ Video flicks on and Aang stands there, sporting a full head of hair, which he'd been covering with the beanie he got from Hohenheim until recently. He tugs at it a little. ]

[ooc; i don't have an icon for it right now. xD BUT AANG WITH HAIR, ADORABLE Y/N/SKY BISONS? ]

Book o2, Chapter 22 -- [ voice ] -- [ backdated to 2/8 or before apartment collapse ]
and then everyone gives gifts
...Katara's gone. [ Sad Aang sounds sad. ]

Book o2, Chapter 21 -- [ voice ]
and then everyone gives gifts
[ When Aang's post starts up, it's quiet. But soon he seems to find his voice, and it's quiet but shaking with RAEG rage. Greetings, Discedo. You get to hear Aang pissed off for the very first time. ]

This isn't. [...] It's not right. Noone. Nobody has a right to do anything like this. This isn't a game. These are people's lives. You can't just throw them out like they mean nothing!

[ ooc; Optimistic Shota is pissed off x10, because of the Youma stuff and
this coversation. Also, try imagining him saying it with this icon. :> He'd join the fighting except mun sucks with keeping up with logs, obvs. ]

Book o2, Chapter 20 -- [ accidental video ]
and then everyone gives gifts
[ A view of a room becomes clear as soon as the communicator stop rolling across the bed, moved by the force of a stray sleepy hand. Luke and Aang are both strewn across a large bed, playing cards and what looks like empty bottles of juice and water slightly visible. 

They seem to be deeply asleep, but as the camera continues to film, Aang rolls over, and proceeds to fall off the bed. In an effort to stop himself as he snaps awake, he reaches for Luke's ankle, and both land together with a thump. ]

[ ooc; so, with the recent death of Kai, Aang and Luke decided to spend time together to distract themselves. They ended up staying up most the night playing cards and passing out early in the morning. xD FEEL FREE TO "D'AWWW" OR "LOL" AT THEM. because discedo needs some happy. :< ]


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